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Where every student flourishes in an elite space worthy of our high-quality programs, personnel, and families.

What an exciting time to be at JCS! The vision of Jupiter Christian School has always been big, and our dreams have always been God-sized. From the beginning, JCS has been committed to bringing glory and honor to God. For more than half a century, Jupiter Christian School has been a been at the forefront of Christian education in Palm Beach County. Today, JCS serves over 1,000 students on four unique campuses across the county and remains committed to excellence in teaching the mind, reaching the heart, and inspiring servant leaders who will impact the world for Jesus Christ.

Operation: Rise Up is the collective effort of our multi-generational community – united, transformed, and touched by our experiences of a JCS education. We’ve got big plans to provide every student at JCS with a state-of-the-art learning environment through our 21st Century Classroom initiative. This is a unique opportunity for families to invest in cutting edge technology including SMART Boards, crucial technology updates, flexible seating, creative spaces for learning, building renovations, and reaching a 1:1 student to device ratio in every division. A gift to the 21st Century Classroom is a sound investment in the competitive advantage of JCS and will further equip our student to be skilled and industry-ready when they graduate!

Today we are affirming our commitment to educating the whole child for their whole life and our dedication to academic excellence and biblical teaching. This campaign will define JCS for the next generation and beyond. We hope you’ll be part of our momentum. A gift to Operation: Rise Up is a direct investment in the lives of every student at JCS.


Are you ready to rise to the challenge?

Operation: Rise Up


  • $600,000
  • $1,200,000

Elementary School

Elementary School at JCS is a nurturing environment for students in grades 2-4 where every child is challenged to his or her potential in an active, vibrant atmosphere where learning is fun, and teachers meet each child’s individual learning needs. A gift to this campaign is an investment in the experience of your child in these formative years of development.


  • 12 Classrooms ($22,140/each)
    • $5,565 for SMART Board
    • $13,200 for Furniture
    • $3,375  for Flooring
    • $4,900 for 10 iPads in new 2nd grade classroom

Middle School

In Middle School, students are encouraged to be competent and confident students who understand the Lord's calling in their life and are ready to navigate high school and beyond. Building on the foundational skills developed in the Elementary School, this community cultivates both academic readiness and leadership development.


  • 15 Classrooms ($24,140/each)
    • $5,565 for SMART Board
    • $3,375  for Flooring
    • $15,200 for Furniture

High School

High School prepares students academically, emotionally, and spiritually for any post-secondary pursuits. Through a liberal arts, academically rigorous, college-preparatory, and Christ-centered curriculum, we provide students the necessary knowledge, skills, and spiritual foundation required to enable them to become leaders and world-changers at the next level and beyond.


  • 15 Classrooms ($18,140/each)
    • $2,565 for SMART TV and Apps
    • $12,200 for Furniture
    • $3,375  for Flooring

Band & Choir Suite 

After the final ovation, a performance lives on in memories of both musicians and audience members. A successful music suite remains as an enduring, tangible tribute to those who helped transform the vision into reality. 

Goal: $30,720

Publications center

Capturing the diverse gifts and talents of our high school students, the new Publications Center will be a hub of creativity and innovation! 

Goal: $25,700

STEM Program

From building airplanes to solving the world’s toughest equations, our educators are working to grow the imagining, questioning, and discovering capacities of each student. 

Goal: $30,300