Eagle Fund

A gift to Eagle Scholars is a unique way to direct your investment where it will have the most immediate impact on advancing the JCS vision by strengthening the academic excellence of our programs in every division. This fund is designed to provide resources that assist our faculty in going above and beyond in the classroom to create the very best learning environment for every student. Making a gift to Eagle Scholars will support areas such as Pathways Program, ESE Program, and Scholarship Program.


Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Programs: Our Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Programs provide services that support learning opportunities for all exceptional students. Specially designed instruction is delivered to provide support and differentiation to students that have learning differences as well as students who are gifted. Jupiter Christian School recognizes that each student learns differently and offers programs that support and enrich students across the learning spectrum. A gift to ESE through Eagle Scholars strengthens the range of accommodations with a specific focus on advancement and growth for each student in SOAR, Academic Support, Quest, and Trek.

Scholarship Program: Our Scholarship Program provides tuition assistance for qualifying, mission-appropriate families who desire a Christian education for their children. At JCS, we believe Christian education should be accessible to all children, the same way Jesus was accessible to the people he served throughout His ministry on earth. In order for us to pursue academic excellence and biblical teaching, accessibility must be a hallmark of our community. A gift in support of our Scholarship Program through Eagle Scholars is sure to leave a lasting impact on the lives of young leaders across Palm Beach County!

Jupiter Christian School at Urban Youth Impact
JCS at UYI exists to assist parents in the endeavor to “train up a child in the way he should go” (Proverbs 22:6). Its mission is to spiritually and academically foster a biblical worldview that will challenge, shape, and inspire our learners to think critically influencing the world for Christ.  Learners will achieve academic excellence; embody obedience, respect, and responsibility as they follow God's purposes for their lives.

School Verse:
“Do not be shaped by this world. Instead, be changed within by a new way of thinking. Then you will be able to decide what God wants for you. And you will be able to know what is good and pleasing to God and what is perfect.” Romans 12:2 ICB (International Children’s Bible)

Donna Bartz Memorial Scholarship:
The Donna Bartz Memorial Scholarship was established in December 2020 by the Bartz Family at her request and in loving memory of beloved JCS teacher, Donna Bartz. Donna dedicated her life to her family, students, community, and ministry. Through her Christ-like example and mentorship, Donna's impact extended well beyond the classroom, influencing Christian world changers. 
In dedication to Donna's life passion and legacy for educating young minds, reaching hearts, and impacting our community for Jesus Christ, the family has created this JCS scholarship fund directly benefiting students seeking a Christian education and in need of financial assistance.  
Eagle Educators: A gift to Eagle Educators is one of the greatest impacts you can have on the experience of JCS students and the quality of their education. Our faculty is our greatest resources and some of our most passionate supporters, creating community every day by investing time and talent in our families and students. The majority of High School faculty hold a master’s or doctorate degree. All teachers hold a bachelor’s degree and are certified through the Association of Christian Schools International. Our faculty are highly qualified and regularly participate in professional development opportunities. They provide attentive care in a nurturing environment to help draw out the best in each child.  Teachers embrace a biblical model for instruction and discipline as they teach through God’s Word to equip your children for future service in God’s kingdom.
Our faculty and staff do more than prayerfully and expertly disciple and instruct JCS students. This year, 53% of employees give monthly from their paycheck in support of the Annual Fund. These educators are sold out for the success and flourishing of every student and dedicate time, talent, and treasure to ensuring a bright future for our young leaders. Without the sacrifice of our teachers and staff in every division, our community would not be what it is today.
JCS is committed to the offering competitive salaries, prioritizing retention, and increasing our care for the highly educated, deeply motivated, and uniquely called faculty and staff at JCS. A gift to Eagle Educators is a great way to ensure that JCS remains one of the best places to both study and work!