Minimester takes place during the week prior to Spring Break (March 9- 13, 2020) and offers a highly participatory service-learning experience that is intensive, hands-on and authentic. Minimester offerings serve as an extension of our academic program, helping students to establish essential links between what is learned in the classroom to the world in which they have been called to serve. As a result, students experience multi-dimensional change including investigative inquiry skills, positive attitudes toward learning, increased civic engagement, leadership competencies, and spiritual development. Participation in Minimester is mandadory. Upon completion, students will be evaluated by the lead instructor and receive either a PASS or FAIL grade, which will be listed on their permanent transcript. A follow-up reflection assignment will be afforded to document both personal experience and learning. Registration will take place from September 16-27.

The following options are available for 10th grade with limited availability to 11th and 12th graders.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Upper School Office at 561-354-1923.

(I understand that by submitting my electronic signature, my JCS family account will be invoiced in three equal installments which will be reflected on my November, December and January statement for any Minimester over $300. I also acknowledge that my Minimester trip must be paid in full on or before February 15, 2020.) ​​​
If you were offered the opportunity, would you be willing to commit to a Bahamas Mission Trip for Minimester? It would be 5 days, building houses, manual labor, possible sports camp, child play, cost $1800. Leader TBD. If there is enough interest we may try to create a trip for Minimester. Until we have the survey results, please proceed with selecting your first choice of the trips below and pay your deposit.​​

10th Grade College Tour

Students will have the opportunity to experience a variety of Florida colleges and universities ranging from Christian colleges to private and state universities. Students will have the opportunity to tour campuses, visit classes, experience various dining options and to hear from Admission Directors. This trip is informational and fun option for all 10th graders.

March 9-13
Cost: $330 Deposit: $50
Led by: Mrs. Beaulieu and Mrs. Hill
Student Cap: 30

10th-12th International Dominican Republic
Mission trip to Mission Emanuel, D.R. Mission Emanuel, located outside Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, seeks community transformation through discipleship. While our JCS team will work primarily on a construction project, the main focus is always on building relationships in the community. Opportunities may be available to serve in one of the mission's two schools, both helping in the classrooms or on the playground. Students also work in the medical center and physical therapy clinic, dental office, water filtration plant, women's cooperative workroom, screen-printing room, and more. Mission Emanuel hosts short-term missions teams year-round offering clean, safe lodging, food, and it is a great opportunity for students experiencing international missions for the first time. This trip is open for all 10th/11th, and 12th graders who need to complete their service-learing project. 
March 7-13
Cost $2200/Deposit $700
Led by Mr. Zambrano and Mrs. Zambrano
Student Cap: 30
10th-12th Grade International Costa Rica
This week will start with Vacation Bible School and presentations in the public schools, as you work with a church in Atenas, Costa Rica. The week will end with sports camps and gospel presentations. We will be working with a missionary who has been in Costa Rica for many years. This trip is ope for all 10th/11th, and 12th graders who need to complete their service-learning project.
March 9-13
Cost: $2000/Deposit: $700
Led by Mr. Murawski and Mrs. Malone
Student Cap 30
10th-12th Grade Orlando
Experience days helping other with bonding with other members of the JCS family. Students will serve at the Christian Service Center Soup Kitchen, The Orlando Union Rescue Mission, CRU Ministries, and spend a day brainstorming and learning how they can minister more effectively at JCS. Ask God if this is how you are called to serve and lead during Minimester. This trip is open for all 10th/11th, and 12th graders who need to complete their service-learning project.
March 9-13
Cost: $500-600 (depending on sign ups)/Deposit: $100
Led by Pastor Charlie
Student Cap: 20-25