Minimester takes place during the week prior to Spring Break (March 9- 13, 2020) and offers a highly participatory service-learning experience that is intensive, hands-on and authentic. Minimester offerings serve as an extension of our academic program, helping students to establish essential links between what is learned in the classroom to the world in which they have been called to serve. As a result, students experience multi-dimensional change including investigative inquiry skills, positive attitudes toward learning, increased civic engagement, leadership competencies, and spiritual development. Participation in Minimester is mandadory. Upon completion, students will be evaluated by the lead instructor and receive either a PASS or FAIL grade, which will be listed on their permanent transcript. A follow-up reflection assignment will be afforded to document both personal experience and learning. Registration will take place from September 16-27.

Important: Travel dates and prices for 8th grade trip offering is based on current airfare rates and are subject to change if the cost of airfare increases before flights can be reserved. Deposits are required to register, are nonrefundable, and will be applied to the final trip cost. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Upper School Office at 561-354-1923.

(I understand that by submitting my electronic signature, my JCS family account will be invoiced in three equal installments which will be reflected on my November, December and January statement for any Minimester over $300. I also acknowledge that my Minimester trip must be paid in full on or before February 15, 2020.) ​​​

7th Grade Waterways of Jupiter

Students will absorb themselves in three days of Project Based Learning Challenges centered around STEM activities at JCS. Later they will travel to Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center working with marine biologist on topics such as red tide, plastic islands and more. On their final day they will travel to Sea World for a day of fun mixed with some intentional educational lessons.

March 9-13
Cost: $225/Deposit $25
Led by Mrs. Eve & Mrs. Granison

8th Grade Engaging the Heart

Students will travel to Camp Highland, Ga. where they will create intentional experiences that develop leaders and engage students. Camp Highland is a Christian camp that specializes in intentional Christ-centered growth and peer relationships through God’s love and His Word. The trip will include a day of service to the local community, nightly praise and worship, high-ropes courses designed to build community, along with many other fun activities. This trip is a platform for the transition into High School and is mandatory for all 8th graders.

March 10-15
Cost: $710
Cost: $710/Deposit: $100
Led by: Mrs. Turner