From the Desk of the President

Dear JCS Family,

Today, on the anniversary of the tragedy which took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, we want to reinforce how seriously we take the safety and security of our JCS students, parents, faculty and staff.  In remembrance of Parkland, on Thursday, February 14,  the Jupiter Police Department will provide officers on the campuses of every school located in Jupiter including our Jupiter Christian School East and West campuses.  JCS continues to cultivate a strong partnership with the Jupiter PD and we greatly appreciate their regular efforts to ensure the safety and security of our JCS families.

As students reflect on the Parkland anniversary, it is important we all do what we can to make sure our students feel safe and secure.  Our Guidance Office including Aliza Beaulieu and Hanna Hill, Pastor Charlie Hubbard, and Principals Lisa Chitty, Caleb Petree, and Joe Zambrano are available for students who need to talk about concerns or to process this event.   Let us all continue to uphold in prayer the families who lost loved ones.


As the administration has communicated this week, on Tuesday, a student made a threat, in a moment of frustration, and front of other students; at the time the student was unaware of the impact of their words. Our students are coming to understand that no matter the context, words have real and sincere consequences. In light of this incident, many parents have asked for an explanation of our standard security protocol for a school threat. I would like to take this opportunity to review our standard protocol in the event of a school threat.


  • In the event an individual threatens to bring harm to students, faculty, staff, or administrators they must be immediately reported to a teacher and/or division administrator  – NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • The division administrator immediately notifies our security and operations team and the individual who made the threat is isolated and removed from campus.
  • A threat assessment is immediately enacted including consultation with Jupiter PD and other professionals, as necessary and beneficial.  Threat assessments are completed within 24 hours of the original incident.
  • In the event of an immediate physical threat on campus we have installed the Active Shooter Response System (ASR), a 911 system which sends instant notification to Jupiter PD and first responders so they can instantly provide support on campus.  Any student, faculty, staff, or parent can activate this system via several emergency stations strategically located around campus.  Administration, office assistants, and mobile teachers also carry radios and ASR pendants for immediate response to a school threat.
  • The administration is committed to prompt and transparent communication with JCS families.  The specific detail shared will be determined by the level of seriousness of the incident.  Parents who have questions concerning any incident are encouraged to contact their division administrator.
  • As a reminder, the JCS parent/student handbook policy states that students threatening bodily harm to other students, faculty, and/or staff can result in an expulsion (p. 44) and potential police action.


Parents, please remind your JCS students of the importance of sharing concerning information from social media, verbal threats, or uncomfortable physical behavior with their teacher, administrator, or parents.  Faculty and staff regularly review security procedures, which are in effect for your child's safety.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me (  


Thank you for the privilege to partner with you to educate your children in a nurturing community to excel in life and engage the world.

In His Service,

Dan Steinfield
(561) 354-1917

Jupiter Christian School

700 S Delaware Blvd • Jupiter, FL 33458 • (561) 354-1900

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