Board of Directors Update



December 18, 2018



Dear Members of the Jupiter Christian School Family,


It is with deep sadness that I confirm the decision of Daniel Steinfield to relinquish his position as President of Jupiter Christian School, effective June 30, 2019.  Dan will continue in his role as JCS President through June 30, 2019, fully empowered and totally committed to carrying forth the mission and vision of Jupiter Christian School and executing a smooth transition of leadership in mid-2019.     


As Dan shared in his letter to you, he was not seeking another position and intended to serve at JCS for many years to come.  However, after much anguish, prayer, discussion with the board, and consultation with many trusted advisors, Dan has decided to return home and accepted the open Head of School position at Delaware County Christian School effective July 01, 2019. 


As the Chairman of the JCS Board of Directors, it has been an honor to partner with Dan Steinfield as President of Jupiter Christian School. Hitting the ground running July 2016 Dan began assessing the strengths and opportunities for JCS and began the development of a renewed vision statement and strategic plan for JCS that the board reviewed, provided input into and eventually approved. The Board embraced the proactive plan and the JCS community has been energized around a common mission and vision resulting in a 35% enrollment increase (from 600 to 845), increased donor support that blessed us with a $400k gym renovation, the historic acquisition of a second campus, including 2.86 acres and 18,000 sq. ft of classroom space to create our East Campus for PK2-First Grade students, a renovation of the media center, and the 20-year lease of contiguous property to house the Global Education and Business Services Center.


Transitions in executive leadership typically lead to questions regarding the path ahead.  Although Dan was our President, he was surrounded and supported by "world class" talent at the school and within the JCS Board of Directors. The Board, although not visible or involved in the daily operations and decisions of JCS, is regularly informed of challenges, concerns and personnel decisions and the rationale behind them. Your JCS board is distinguished, strong, talented and prayerfully united together as we speak with one voice and make unanimous business decisions.


In addition, Darlaine Sisk, JCS Chief Advancement Officer and ex oficio (& non-voting) member of the Board has worked closely with Mr. Steinfield in proactively leading critical business initiatives, addressing complex organizational challenges, developing our marketing platform and establishing relationships with key businesses and community partners over the past three years.  Darlaine will continue to serve as an invaluable link to our new president to ensure that the momentum of the present administration will continue, and that initiatives and successes will both be built upon and expanded to achieve the vision and strategic plan for JCS in the days, months and years ahead.


On behalf of the Board, let me state, with great confidence, that the state of Jupiter Christian School is stronger than it has ever been in its 55-year history:


1. Our financial status is excellent due to a long-standing, well-planned and executed budgetary process and a new 10-year business plan developed over the 2017-18 school year.  The result of a thorough evaluative process led by CapinCrouse (a nationally recognized CPA & consulting firm devoted to serving non-profits), several best practices are in progress to further strengthen a capable business office.


2. Enrollment is at a record level this year and we're on track to continue our growth patterns with another group of mission appropriate families excited to join us next year.


3. Staff and faculty have migrated towards a stronger group of educational professionals.  The implementation of a teacher coaching model and a teacher banding system featuring increased compensation for demonstrated excellence now complements our dedicated team.  Provisions for more faculty professional development fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement.


4. Advancement efforts have raised up friends of JCS who believe in the mission and vision of the school and partner collaboratively in meeting annual fund and event fundraising goals which fuel our strategic initiatives.


5. The academic quality at each grade level continues to be enhanced with modifications and additions to our curriculum. Increased student engagement, differentiated instruction, curriculum mapping, and peer collaboration are examples of faculty utilizing best practices in education to equip students with 21st century skills.


6. Instructional technology continues to be invested in and implemented in the classroom for instruction and assessment.


7. Our Athletics and Fine Arts programs have been enhanced and continue to grow.  Several athletic teams have been added and several regional and district championships mark the commitment of our coaches to develop Christian character through the pursuit of competitive excellence.  Numerous high-quality performances showcase our growth in the Fine Arts, Performing Arts, and Visual Arts.


8. Dramatic improvements have been made to our school facilities, including the historic opening of the East Campus in August of 2018.


9. The intentional focus on the spiritual condition and climate of JCS continues to be evident in the integration of faith in the curriculum, the enhanced quality of chapel services, the infusion of spiritual principles within the athletics department, and the care and love of faculty and staff for our cherished JCS students.


10. Expansion of our Guidance and Career/College services with additional staff and curriculum serving the lower and upper school grades.


Each of the ten areas above will continue to be actively addressed in the coming years. Mr. Steinfield, Mrs. Sisk, and the Board, with input from faculty, staff and members of the JCS community, have developed a clear strategic vision for JCS that specifically addresses the next three years and includes vision casting for years to come. This plan provides a blueprint for the next President, under the guidance of the Board, to continue the strong progress made in recent years. 


Your JCS board is strongly committed to moving forward expeditiously. The board will serve as the search committee since the board hires and directly supervises one employee - the president.  Our desire is to identify and hire a new president as soon as possible, ideally by early spring. We have already identified several potential candidates and will be actively posting the position in a variety of settings beginning today. We will communicate additional information as the process moves forward.


JCS has become a better place through Mr. Steinfield's leadership, and it is with deep appreciation that the Board of Directors of Jupiter Christian School thanks Dan Steinfield for a job well done!  Dan, his wife, Kim, and their sons, Andrew and Kyle, have invested their gifts, skills, and hearts into Jupiter Christian, and have enriched the lives of those of us who have worked closely with them.  Please pray for the Steinfield family during this time of transition and join us in asking the Lord to guide us as we identify the individual who is ready and able to assume the mantle of leadership for our very special place.


If you desire to connect with any board member you can find their bios and contact information on the Board of Directors page of our website.


Faithfully in Christ,


Joseph A. Kloba, Ed. D.

Chairman, JCS Board of Directors

Jupiter Christian School

Board of Directors

700 S Delaware Blvd • Jupiter, FL 33458 • (561) 354-1900

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