2018-19 Cafeteria Plan

Dear JCS Parents,

In May, we shared with you an exciting change coming to our cafeteria for the 2018-19 school year with the announcement of a new partnership with WT Café as our food service provider. As you may recall, the expansion of our gym floor as part of the gym renovation project necessitated a change in our cafeteria operation. WT Café will provide our students with meals that are made from scratch everyday using natural, organic ingredients that are both delicious and nutritious. Prepared with only nut-free ingredients, these meals include special dietary choices and seasonal menus that utilize fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. We are pleased to share the details of the program with you.

WT Café Lunch Service—West Campus (Grades 2-12)

Daily lunch service will consist of the following:

  1. Main Entrée- will consist of a choice among the following:
    • Hot entrée selection (1 or 2 choices)
    • Grab and go pre-packaged hot station (grilled chicken, spaghetti and meatballs etc.)
    • Grab and go pre-packaged cold station (sandwiches, wraps, specialty salads etc.)
  2.  2 side dishes

  3. Soup station

  4. Open salad bar

  5. Beverages (water, juice, milk and tea)

Menus will be emailed to families each month and will be posted at multiple places on campus. Families will need to make one of the following decisions regarding this lunch service:

  1. Sign up for the lunch service for the entire school year.
  2. Elect to have their children bring their lunch each day.

Families who initially decline the lunch service may enroll at a later date and will be charged for the remaining lunch days in the school year. Additionally, for those who decline the lunch service, an option will be made available to purchase a lunch in advance for $10. Students will need to sign up and pay for this service 1 day prior to the day in which they desire to purchase lunch. They will then receive a meal voucher which they will present at lunch the following day.

Students who elect to sign up for the lunch program will receive identification cards to be presented to the cafeteria staff each day. Procedures will be put in place to collect and distribute these cards for lower school students each day in order to minimize the likelihood of them being lost or misplaced.

Please note that there will be no food service provided by the cafeteria during morning break. Instead, vending machines will be available daily for Upper School students and there will be opportunities for various school clubs and athletic teams to fundraise by selling snacks at morning break.

Expected Start Date- West Campus (Grades 2-12)

We are excited about the pending transformation of our new cafeteria facilities and state of the art serving lines and related equipment. Unfortunately, we do not expect that this will be ready until September 4th. During this approximate 3 week period, WT Café will be providing various pre-packaged food options. As this will not be as comprehensive as the full daily lunch service described above, we have adjusted the annual cost of the lunch program accordingly as follows:

  • Grades 2-6                       $1,135
  • Grades 7-12                     $1,245

Parents can elect to pay for this service upfront, per semester or monthly. Please note that all positive or negative lunch balances from the 2017/18 school year have already been posted to your family account.


WT Café Lunch Service- East Campus (PK2-1st grade)


Daily lunch service will consist of the following:

  1. Families will receive a monthly lunch menu in advance and will be asked to make a daily selection from among 3 or 4 choices available each day.
  2. Fresh fruit
  3.  Snack
  4. Beverage (bottled water, milk or juice)

Our East Campus families will have the choice of signing up for the lunch service for the entire year or electing to have their child(ren) bring their lunch each day. The annual cost of the lunch program (which can be paid upfront, per semester or monthly) will be $989. For those families who do not sign up for the lunch service, an option will be available to purchase a lunch in advance for $7. A lunch sign up form will need to be completed and payment made on the day prior to the day in which you desire to purchase lunch.


Within the week, you will be receiving notifications through Plus Portals asking you to decide on participation in the lunch service and the associated payment option should you choose to enroll. If you have any additional questions about the new program, please contact:

Cheryl Payne- Student Billing, (561) 354-1957

Jim Davis- Business Manager, (561) 354-1907
Kim Nereau- Assistant to the President, (561) 354-1917


We know that delicious, healthy meal options are important to our JCS families and we are excited to be able to provide that service for our campuses through WT Café.  





Dan Steinfield


Jupiter Christian School

700 S Delaware Blvd • Jupiter, FL 33458 • (561) 354-1900

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