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2023-24 Guide for College-bound Student-Athletes

The 2023-24 Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete is now available for download! The guide is designed to assist you with understanding the NCAA, NCAA Eligibility Center registration and academic requirements, and how you can help your student-athletes work toward their collegiate dreams.

As noted in the August issue of the high school newsletter, this includes information on the upcoming Amateurism-Only Certification account (scheduled for release mid-September).

This booklet is a great resource to share with your student-athletes and their families! The guide is available via the High School Portal's Resources page, or click here to download. The printed version will be available for ordering on NCAA Publications late September. (Watch for more information in the next newsletter.) All orders for printed versions of the guide are being held, then fulfilled when the printed version is available.

High School to College

Information for Student-Athletes

As you enter your freshman year of high school, there are steps to take to begin your college search and plan out your academic eligibility.  In this section you will find information to help direct you in what steps need to be taken if you wish to continue your athletic career on the collegiate level.