Mentor Testimonials

Tina McClary- Pharmacist

Tina McClary

“The Capstone Mentorship Program has been a rewarding experience for both myself as an industry professional and the incredible Jupiter Christian senior who I had the opportunity to mentor.

The program allows students to dive deeper into their chosen career path. In the pharmacy profession, my JCS senior was able to look closer at critical issues facing pharmacists today such as the opiate crisis and academic doping.

She had the chance to see how pharmacists serve the community as the most accessible healthcare professional who can assist them to reach their desired health outcomes. Through the observation of the everyday tasks of the job to the unexpected challenges that arise at a moment’s notice, she had the unique opportunity to get a complete picture of this career path prior to the start of her journey at the college level.”

Chelsea Gunn - Fashion Designer

Chelsea Gunn

“I was honored to become a mentor to a Jupiter Christian senior for her JCS Capstone on fashion design. She has an interest in becoming a designer in the bridal industry and I design a resort-wear collection, so it was a wonderful match.

The JCS Capstone Mentorship Program combines access to a specialist in the student’s chosen career field along with hands-on, real world experience. I know as a working professional how valuable this time will be for her as she moves toward starting her own journey into the world of design.

To provide my JCS senior with exposure to every facet of the industry, we met with my production manager while visiting our factory in Miami. She had the opportunity to watch a design go from a concept to a finished product. Taking the knowledge and insights she gained from the internship, she was able to pair this experience with her passion to help others in a service project designed to create awareness of self-esteem issues.”

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