Senior Capstone

Discovering Your Passion

Helping our seniors discover their purpose is the primary goal of the JCS Senior Capstone. Our educators will guide students toward pursuing their interests and passions and ultimately finding their purpose. Each of our students have been given an identity and special purpose from God. This process gives them the unique opportunity to learn how they can use their gifts, talents, and abilities to impact their world for Christ.

Navigating in a Real-World Setting

Students will gain hands-on experience in a formal internship setting where they will benefit from the mentorship of a working professional. Going beyond the classroom, seniors will apply the knowledge they have gained at Jupiter Christian in the actual setting of their chosen career. Here they will have the opportunity to conduct field observations and discover problems that compel them to look for real-world solutions. As they execute their plan to bring about change through a service project, JCS seniors will be able to see how they can make a real difference in their community.

Charting a Course for the Future

Our program is designed to help prepare students for the rigorous standards of college and career readiness and the challenges of 21st century learning. Seniors will conduct problem-based research and discover that learning can be an integrated and individual process. They will use digital and information literacy as they explore and solidify their educational and career aspirations.

Capstone Students
Capstone Presentation