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Pathways Mission

To connect JCS students with enhanced curricular opportunities and mentoring relationships so that our young leaders gain clarity on the Lord’s calling in their life through experience and inspiration for future endeavors in college, career, and beyond!

Connect | Experience | Inspire

The Pathways Program is a specialty course track for students in grades 9-12. As part of our comprehensive college preparatory program, our Pathways Program exposes students to professional fields and career opportunities through specialized curriculum, mentoring relationships, and experiential learning as students gain insight into God’s calling on their lives. Pathways program completion could be described as earning a “major” emphasis alongside general education requirements.

Often referred to as a “magnet program” the JCS pathway programs are a focused, progressive course of study to prepare students to be competitive and successful in college, career and be industry-ready in the current professional climate. Participation in the program increases skills, leadership competence, service and experience in the specific field of study. Additionally, the experience provides students opportunities to be in a community with others who have similar interests. Through this focused time of study in a discipline, deeper connections and relationships are built with staff members who teach, encourage, and advise students. The committed investment and hard work are denoted with a symbol on the students’ diplomas and an endorsement cord is given to seniors to wear during their graduation ceremony.


Pathway to Medical Professions

The Medical Pathway is designed to equip students for future success in pursuing a degree in any medical profession. The program emphasizes service as an influential witness for Christ. We seek to best train and develop students who are interested in learning more about pursuing professional health care careers. As a part of their education within the Medical Professions Pathway, our faculty will mentor students in research and discovery projects to equip young leaders with to pursue excellence in a variety of career trajectories, including vocations such as physicians, nurses, physical therapists, veterinarians, dentists, public health advocates, biomedical researchers and more.

Pathway to Business & Entrepreneurship

The curriculum focuses on major business disciplines and allows students to dive deeper into areas of interest through individualized projects, professional experience, and more. In pursuing business and entrepreneurship, students will learn how organizations create, manage, market, finance, and track value. In the study of economics, students will learn to apply mathematical models to data in order to answer public policy questions and private enterprise problems. This endorsement develops intellectual competence in the disciplines of business and entrepreneurship in ways that foster Christian character and inspires commitment to build the church and benefit society worldwide.

Pathway to Fine Arts

There are two Fine Arts Pathways: performance and visual arts. Both pathways intentionally purposes these gifts toward vocational and missional applications. The performing arts endorsement seeks to bring each of its students to an intellectual understanding of the many aspects of musical practice and to demand the highest level possible of technical and artistic achievement in performance, composition, and worship. The visual arts endorsement takes students down a path of achievement and vision that integrates faith, creative inquiry, and hands-on practice.

Pathway to Communications

The Communications Pathway is designed to allow students to specialize in journalism, communication, and production. These areas work together to produce various opportunities for experience through the school newspaper, yearbook, and media. In this academy, students will keep the school community informed and develop skills such as videography, photography, design, writing, mass communication, editing, digital media, publishing, storytelling, and more. Students will see the art of communications as the art of building community and rooted in the creative work of God, establishing relationship with his creatures.

Pathway to MInistry Leadership

The Ministry Leadership Pathway is designed to disciple and train high school students in various areas of vocational ministry. Students will learn and apply worship leadership skills, deepen biblical literacy, practice worship planning, utilize musical talents, hone their public speaking skills and leverage technology for ministry purposes. Students in this pathway play an integral part of campus chapel and outreach.