Elementary School (Grades K-4)


“Above all, we value excellence in academics and Christian character, compassion in a nurturing community, and influence in our world through leadership and service. These values shine through in all we do as we disciple students through academic achievement, athletics, the arts, and leadership.” 

Wendy Brown,  Elementary School Principal 


The elementary years are characterized by a growth mindset and love for learning. Students grow in academic skill, social understanding, biblical knowledge, and resilience as they become more independent. The elementary years are when a child’s dreams, interests, and gifts begin to unfold. 

Students enjoy a deep and innovative academic program that includes Bible, the Fountas & Pinnell Reading Program, and Top Score writing, math, social studies, and science. The elementary program is enriched with music, art, Spanish, library skills, computer, STEM science lab, Life Skills, physical education, and weekly chapel. Opportunities for differentiated enrichment are available for students who meet the criteria. These include math compacting within classrooms, our TREK enrichment, and a variety of after school clubs. 

Critical thinking skills that examine academics and life experiences from a biblical perspective are promoted. All subjects are framed in biblical truth and challenge students to use their God-given abilities to glorify Him. 

The Elementary Campus technology goal is to maintain an appropriate balance between traditional instruction and technology use. We offer a 2:1 device to student ratio.  We want to limit screen time, while also providing appropriate experiences to engage and equip students to serve in the world in which they live. Common Sense Media Digital Literacy curriculum supports this learning. 

Elementary teachers are highly qualified and participate regularly in professional development opportunities. All teachers are certified, and many have advanced degrees.  They provide attentive care in a nurturing environment to help draw out the best in each child.  Teachers embrace a biblical model for instruction and discipline as they instruct through God’s Word and encourage students’ walk with Christ to equip them for future service in God’s kingdom.

Academic Leadership Team

Hassan Champion
High School Principal
(561) 354-1923
Brittany Flesch
Middle School Principal
(561) 354-1924
Wendy Brown
Elementary School Principal

Lisa Chitty
East Campus Principal
(561) 972-4521
Amanda Champion
South Campus Elementary Principal