Exceptional Student Education

SOAR - Lower School

SOAR Student Opportunity to Advance Rapidly

SOAR successfully utilizes both in classroom and pull-out models of instruction. In the pull-out model, students receive daily individualized or small group instruction in core academic areas - reading, language arts and mathematics. In the mainstream classroom (inclusion model), students receive accommodations designed to help them succeed academically within the general education classroom. In some classes, we offer a push-in model. The SOAR teacher will be in the general education classroom teaching small groups and/or giving support to students individually or in small groups. Students are eligible for academic accommodations and enrollment into SOAR based on a psycho-educational evaluation. Our primary goal is to incorporate these students into the general education classes. Accommodation plans are used in an effort to foster success.

SOAR is available to students in the areas of math, language arts and reading. The Lower School SOAR classes integrate the use of the Wilson Reading System.

*Limited space is available in this program in order to ensure that student needs are met.

*Enrollment into this program carries a annual fee of $1500.

Academic Support - Upper School

Academic Support 7th-12th Grade

The Academic Support Program for grades 7 through 12 offers JCS students two levels of support for reaching their educational goals: academic support classes and/or classroom accommodation plans. The academic support class provides students with a daily support period to develop and practice content from their primary courses while incorporating positive learning strategies for success. These learning strategies include organization, study skills, motivational support, and tips for minimizing test anxiety. Students needing extended time or oral response recording may also use this time to complete tests.

*Limited space is available in the Academic Support classes in order to ensure that student needs are met.

*Enrollment into this program carries a $1500 annual fee

Quest Gifted Program - Lower School

QUEST Gifted Program Question, Understand, Explain, Solve and Think

The QUEST Gifted program is available to nurture academic excellence of gifted students and to increase student achievement. It is recognized that gifted students have unique abilities, values, needs, and talents. The program is designed to aid in the optimum development of students’ emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual capacities through:

• Authentic learning opportunities that expand student interests
• Independent research
• Logic activities
• Engineering projects
• Creative writing
• Music and visual arts expressions
• Interdisciplinary projects
• Responses to literature

Students are assessed on the development of their cognitive skills, communication skills, research and independent study skills, attitudes and behaviors, and learning skills. Students must meet eligibility requirements in order to be considered for this program. Enrollment into the QUEST Gifted Program is based on qualifying scores on the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT), academic performance, and the Behavioral Characteristics of Gifted Students evaluation form. Psycho-educational evaluations would be considered as a part of the formal review but not required. For information on consideration for QUEST enrollment, parents should contact the Gifted Coordinator to begin the application and evaluation process.

TREK - Lower School

TREK Think, Reason, Explain, and Know

TREK is an enrichment program for high-achieving students focusing on critical and creative thinking and problem solving. This enrichment program is available to a selection of students for approximately 1 hour a week for a 4-6 week session. Students are selected for participation in TREK based on the following criteria:

  • Students are high performing in the particular subject area unit offered
  • Quick mastery of content of that particular subject/strand/topic
  • Teacher identification

Academic Leadership Team

Mr. Joe Zambrano
Upper School Principal
(561) 354-1923
Ms. Susan Rivera
Interim Lower School Principal
(561) 354-1927

Mrs. Lisa Chitty
East Campus Principal
(561) 972-4521
Mrs. Aliza Beaulieu
Director of Guidance, College and Career
(561) 354-1949